CPA in Riverside, CA

CPA Riverside CA

How Do I find a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Riverside, CA?

There are many CPA’s who practice in Riverside. Also, there are many places to look when trying to find a prospective Accounting CPA Firms in Riverside.  The first would be to get suggestions from friends, business associates, or even your attorney.  Ask owners of local businesses you frequent to see if they have any suggestions.  Another way is to look in the Yellow Pages or online at CPA directory.  The last recommendation is to ask your local Chamber of Commerce for names of CPAs who are members.

 When you have acquired a list of qualified accounting CPA firms in Riverside and are ready to begin the interview process, there are specific questions that you need to ask to make sure you are choosing the correct CPA. 

Questions could include:

What kind of business advice will you offer me? 

What type of services they will offer for clients, including what computer programs they prefer to use? 

How much experience they have in the accounting practice? 

How do they calculate your fees? (Make sure they will guarantee not to exceed an amount agreed upon up front). 

What are the benefits of choosing them over another CPA? 

Make sure before the interview is over to ask for references and don’t forget to ask to see their CPA certificate.  You should be very thorough, interview several candidates, try to establish a common ground with similar values, and check out their listening skills.  Also, make sure the candidate specializes in corporate accounting and can meet all of your specific accounting needs.

Are you looking for an Accounting CPA firm in Riverside?

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